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Adjusting Course Content to Embrace Canvas' Dark Side

Using Dark Mode in your Mobile App? Here's one way to eliminate unreadable "text blocks"

Instructure introduced Dark Mode on Mobile Apps this summer read more about it here -

Should you have students contact you stating they can’t read some text in your course content? It might be due to a text color or a background color setting that obfuscates your text in the black background. Check out the video to learn more!

Disclaimer Time

This randomly-occurring issue, and wacky path to fixing things, isn’t formally sanctioned by Instructure. Neither is the Chrome extension I’m using to demonstrate a mobile text issue on a desktop browser. Your online mileage DEFINITELY will vary.

Before you go…

After viewing this screencast (thank you for checking it out, by the way!) if you would like to see more of these screencast-style tips in the future, shoot me a quick email? If you think I should hang up my screencast gear and stick to written tips and tricks in the Canvas Insider newsletter moving forward, shoot me a quick email?

I appreciate your feedback…


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