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Extensive Documentation...or a Narrated Screencast?

Which would be preferable for a teacher wanting to learn a new concept in Canvas?

Teachers of Canvas courses: When you want to learn about adding a component in your Canvas course, would you want step-by-step documentation…or would you want a customized narrated video explaining the workflow?

In this brief video, I’m using a recent request from a professor client of mine who wanted to create an anonymous survey in their course. Compare and contrast the options!

Before you go…

After viewing this screencast (thank you for checking it out, by the way!) if you would like to see more of these screencast-style tips in the future, shoot me a quick email? If you think I should hang up my screencast gear and stick to written tips and tricks in the Canvas Insider newsletter moving forward, shoot me a quick email!

I appreciate your feedback…


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The Canvas Insider