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Integrating on-paper Quizzes into your Canvas Gradebook

Cuz we are living in a ChatGPT world, and I am a Admin

I’m seeing more and more institutions return to in-person assessments for “eyes on” student performance. That does beg the question: How can you take an in-class on-paper quiz and get it into your Canvas course?

I have two options for your consideration in this quick video screencast. Check it out!

Before you go…

After viewing this screencast (thank you for checking it out, by the way!) if you would like to see more of these screencast-style tips in the future, shoot me a quick email?

Is there something bugging you about your Canvas courses? Ask me anything! Shoot me a quick email.

If you think I should hang up my screencast gear and stick to written tips and tricks moving forward, shoot me a quick email!

I appreciate your feedback, my highly-valued Insider!


The Canvas Insider
The Canvas Insider