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Optimizing your Canvas Dashboard

Three ways to organize your courses you might be aware of... and one you might not be familiar with...

If you have a large number of courses in your Canvas dashboard, you can always go into All Courses and click the star next to a course you want to “favorite.” Instructure has a quick guide available for this method. You can view the guide here.

However, there are a few ways you can organize, sequence, and customize your dashboard cards once you’ve starred them. Check out this quick video to see what’s available for you.

Do keep in mind: Instructure has a fabulous online guide to working with your courses. They describe the steps so much better than I can articulate. You can view the guide here.

Also in this video, you can see how you can conclude a course still present in your dashboard after the term has concluded.

(Yes, I know I mistyped the CI 201 course as 202. Didn’t want to lose momentum in my one-take screencast video.) :)

Before you go…

After viewing this screencast (thank you for checking it out, by the way!) if you would like to see more of these screencast-style tips in the future, shoot me a quick email? If you think I should hang up my screencast gear and stick to written tips and tricks in the Canvas Insider newsletter moving forward, shoot me a quick email!

I appreciate your feedback…


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