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Peer Review Assignments From a Student Perspective

In my Canvas Admin work, I receive a number of emails from my clients who state their students don’t know where to provide peer reviewed feedback for their classmates’ assignment submissions. Student View can provide only so much information for teachers. What if teachers could see an actual student's perspective without looking over their shoulder?

Do keep in mind: this is a straightforward, basic peer review assignment without a lot of options and contingencies enabled. My main intention is to use my Canvas Admin superpowers to masquerade as a student so teachers can see what their students see…in a low-stakes demonstration!

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Before you go…

After viewing this screencast (thank you for checking it out, by the way!) if you would like to see more of these screencast-style tips in the future, shoot me a quick email? If you think I should hang up my screencast gear and stick to written tips and tricks in the Canvas Insider newsletter moving forward, shoot me a quick email!

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