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This multimedia Substack is curated by Chris Powell, Canvas LMS Administrator for Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Since 2016, Chris has been accumulating knowledge about Instructure’s Learning Management System from supporting thousands of teachers, staff, and students at WWU. He is fueled by sharing information with people and likes helping de-stress his customers’ relationship with technology.

While Instructure has an outstanding, extensive online documentation repository for teachers and students, the Canvas Insider multimedia Substack provides unique tips and tricks Chris has acquired from working “in the trenches” with his clients. The supplemental podcast “audiograms” provides similar tips and suggestions for aural learners. And the various videos featuring famous movie clips with overdubbed dialogue is intended to provide lighthearted entertainment with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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Chris Powell

Strategic Technology Advisor. Canvas Admin for Western Washington University. Aspiring Digital Ghost. ISFJ. Enneagram 1.