Goofy Videos

Every month I take a famous movie/TV clip, overdub some Canvas-related dialogue, add some low-tech effects, and hit publish. Hope you find a chuckle out of of these attempts at cheeky EdTech videos:

“What is Canvas All About?” - from A Charlie Brown Christmas

“Top Canvas” - from Top Gun

“I’m Your White Knight” - from Die Hard

“Their Expertise” - from Pulp Fiction (for Instructurecon2023 conference)

“Making Moments” - from Heat (for Instructurecon2023 conference)

“Geek and a Liar” - from Ocean’s 11

“Excuse Me” - from Ace Venture Pet Detective

“Canvas-fu” - from Napoleon Dynamite

“What Will Your Course Be?” - from Dead Poets Society

“Did You Get the Memo?” - from Office Space

“Righteous” - from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Skills” - from Taken